Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. However, if you still have more please contact us.

I want a tiny house. What now?

We start with an initial consultation ($100). Once we’ve tackled the big choices: on grid or off-grid, interior/exterior finishes, roof design, etc., we work with a recommended architect to have the plans drawn up. When the plans are locked in, we start building.

How long will my Tiny House take to build?

While there are many factors that affect the schedule, we can usually complete a house between 10-14 weeks. Having the trailer built can add (4-6weeks) to this time, however, we usually have a trailer available for potential builds.

What type of appliances can I have?

There is a full range of appliances to choose from.

Where can I put a Tiny House on wheels?

Tiny Homes fall within a legal grey area in most cities. It’s a good idea to get permission before building. For Bend residences, we are currently working with the city on coding and permitting, specific to Tiny Houses.

Can you deliver outside of Bend, Oregon?

Yes, however there will be an additional cost depending on where you want it delivered.